Cool Oil Painting and Acrylic Tiles on Display and The Art Show Was Cool.
-January 31, 2023


I like the this one!
-June 6, 2022

Thanks for the photos.  I’ll check out the website.  -April 12, 2022

Yeah, Yeah…. Next time get me some nice big oil paintings.
But yeah, your work is decent.  Now get me something to sell for the big-bucks!  And more 2’x3′ acrylics!  And I need some Chicago Prints!  Come to your home town city and take more photos.  Go photograph NYC and LA.  C’mon now!

What is this?  Oh it is a Derpy!  Ok Cool…  Next time I want a Derpy Balloon!

Thanks for the print!

Thank you for the Print.  It reminds me of cool plants.

Thanks for Signing our Print!

‘I want to see some cooler artwork on your page.’
‘Especially when you are promoting events.’
‘All-right, This is acceptable.’
Another Artist
-San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA

‘Thank you for the new art!’
A Chicago Fan.
-Chicago, Illinois, USA

Pictures of some satisfied fans.

‘Sooo kind’
Rose H.
-Hawaii, USA

‘Thank you for the caricature drawing of me.  I like it very much.’
Wendy N.
-Szechuan Province, China

‘Art should move you.’
Esther K.
-San Jose, California, USA

‘There is a new piece of art in my room.  Thanks Omar.’
Dan P.
-San Jose, California, USA

‘I asked for a abstract acrylic on wood panel painting that was inspired by a favorite movie of mine.  The movie is Requiem for a Heavyweight (1962).  Omar provided a nice painting.  I like it.  I am keeping it.  He came back a few months later to present another painting to me.  I also really like that painting.  It improved the ambiance and feeling of my kitchen greatly.’
Sam K.
-Chicago, Illinois, USA

‘Thank you for the painting.  It is helpful.’
James U.

‘I want to thank all those who have provided a testimonial to me.
You are very kind.’

Omar Shamsi