Desalination is important for our world. The trees did this for us, the massive amazonian forests would bring water through the soil to the surface and breath fresh water into the air and atmosphere. These were our planets largest desalinators.

Distillation and reverse osmosis are all the rage today.

Our natural reserves of water are dwindling or just plain gone.

California is in a drought and there are places with no clean water at all.

Our planets largest natural desalinators are essentially gone and our demand for clean fresh water has gone up. Either we must reduce our usage of fresh water or find new sources.

Technology can make it happen. I’m interested in desalination technology that is not energy intensive. Electromagnetic desalination, nanostructure desalination, and bio desalination is where our future endeavors should be. I’m looking for individuals who are interested in electromagnetic desalination and ion removal via electromagnetic means, nanostructural pathways, and bio desalination. These can be used individually or in combination for high volume, low cost, and low energy desalination.

Send me information on this and we can help the world move forward.

It is nice to think about. After all there are people dying of thirst while clean water is flushed down toilets and it doesn’t need to be that way.

Water water everywhere and nary a drop to drink.