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Photography by Omar Shamsi

‘One of Many Technological Pathways’
‘Electric Man Standing Quietly’
‘High Tension Roadside’

‘Dia De Los Muertos’

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Photography by Omar Shamsi

Photography 2022 Indianapolis in Indiana

Photography 2022 Succulent Greenhouse

Photography 2022 Largemouth Bass Fishing

Photography 2021 Roses in Chicago

Photography 2020 Praying Mantis on Sedum

Photography 2020 Yellow Coneflowers

Photography 2020 Afternoon by Midwestern Lake by Omar Shamsi

Photography 2020 Rare Insect by Omar Shamsi

Photography 2020 Fragrant Landscape Roses

Photography 2020 Honeybee and White Flowers

Photography 2020 Serene Midwestern Sunset Views

Photography 2020 Midwestern Tulip Bed

Photography 2020 Chicago Cityscape

Photography 2020 Desert Landscapes

Photography 2020 Oregon Beach

Photography 2020 Santa Cruz Fungus Fair

Photography 2019 Succulent and Cactus Nursery

Photography 2019 Farmers Market

Photography 2019 Flowers and Foliage at Retail Establishment

Photography 2019 Amazing Views of the SF Bay

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One of my more popular photos online in the food photography category.

‘Golden Gate National Recreation Area’

‘Cactus and Succulent Garden’



‘Chicago Angels’