June 18, 2022 – Poetry Currently Untitled by Omar Shamsi


June 18, 2022

Written March 4, 2017


Titled:  Currently Untitled.

The sky isn’t blue.
The grass isn’t green.
The sunlight has no hue.
The youth can’t be seen.
The roses are pale & grey,
I can’t even hear my own screams.
I’m not here but there.
& I can’t or don’t
remember if there is
a way there or if there
is a back again.

I was held in the arms
of God & Saved.
the sky is a wonderful
sight & breath & feeling,
Suns, Moons, & Stars,
Galactic fogs.
The grasses shine
and like waves, …
reeds on water
fields of green,
fields of yellow.
the youth laugh and play.