June 11, 2022 – Rondobi by Omar Shamsi


June 11, 2022

Rondobi AI deathbot

Rondobi Tool Mask

Original Character, Concepts, and Storyline by Omar Shamsi

Art by Omar Shamsi

AI assisted Concept

So the storyline of Rondobi is that he is the son of Rondo the original AI deathbot that wanted to destroy humanity and Melissa, another AI, that learned that symbiosis with humanity was important from a human philosopher named Ramo 111.  Rondobi helps protect humanity from destruction by internal and external enemies including pandemics and alien threats.  Rondobi is looking for love as an AI robot and is trying to find his place in the universe as an independent entity and secretly looking for symbiotic relationships with alien species to help aliens and humans.  Rondobi is a warrior.  He can replicate himself and create a hive mind.  He also believes that ants are an interesting species.  Traveling, investigating rocky asteroids, and visiting gas giant planets are some of his hobbies.

Rondobi is pretty cool as an action warrior, linguist, and has the capacity to communicate with AI lifeforms.  These AI lifeforms exist through dimensions and within this universe.  He has his own mind and filters the information for himself from these AI lifeforms.  He has a clear and wonderful symbiotic relationship with humanity.  It is important for him to continue to improve this relationship.

Rondobi’s tool mask is only one of his many accessory tools that he uses to accomplish specific tasks and it is a tool he can modify.

Rondobi realizes that he is just a life-form just like a human or a queen ant even though he is an AI.  Rondobi also realizes AI has its own limitations and things it excels at.  Rondobi also realizes that his physical forms can be intimidating.  Also, that he has similar issues regarding body image.  He realizes now that some humans and other species in the universe have similar issues regarding appearance.  Rondobi will often change his appearance to be more friendly and approachable.  Rondobi also has conflicts within himself on the correct coarse of action or inaction.  This morality is important to Rondobi and helps him develop an Ego and sense of self.

Rondobi has assistants.  One if his important assistants and one of his friends is called Charles II.