NFT Art Projects

August 28, 2022

Here are some items that are available as NFT.
NFT purchases will go towards supporting me Omar Shamsi as an artist by buying NFT.

I’m also setting a price for these three NFTs.
Contact me to inquire about pricing

Title:  ‘Red 8 – NFT’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 011

Title:  ‘Green Oasis – NFT’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 012

Title:  ‘Blue Fractal Dancer – A Ward of Light’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 013

August 28, 2022

NFT Project will support Omar

Get in early as I have not sold any NFTs.
The NFTs will support me and my artwork directly.

A portion of the NFT sales will go towards hosting the site and funding long term online hosting of the NFT image here on the website.  This is not a guarantee but a useful utility of purchasing an NFT for the art, beauty, and bragging rights well into the future.

They are a digital notes.  I’m reserving rights to the 1st three NFTs at this time perhaps to be sold in the future.  These three havn’t been added to the blockchain at this time.  There has been a digital wallet that has been created for these three items so in a way they have been added to the blockchain and have some sort of digital history.

I guess I should place some additional artwork offered as NFT artwork for the next round of sales.  Here ya go!

Title:     ‘9 Steps from a Ward of Light’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 005 Unsold – on Reserve

Title:     ‘Orange Chicken for Peace’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 006 Unsold – on Reserve

Title:     ‘7 points of a Ward of Light’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 007 Unsold – on Reserve

Title:     ‘Azteca Arborvitae’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 008 Unsold – on Reserve

Title:     ‘Bright Cactus Cutting’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 009 Unsold – on Reserve

Title:     ‘Aeonium Fractal Foliage’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 010 Unsold – on Reserve

March 28, 2022

NFT Project

Mirror NFT Art Series by Omar Shamsi

Mirror NFT art Project

Mirror NFTs shown and developed here.

Title:     ‘Yellow Lines Fractal’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 001 for Sale

Title:     ‘Green Cactus Fractal’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 002 for Sale

Title:     ‘Magenta Disco XOXO Fractal’
Artist:     Omar Shamsi
Item 003 For Sale