A Statement About Art

Statement Text:

Welcome to the Show today.  Today I would like to talk a little about art.  Behind me we have a painting I did.   It is a more of a student art painting while I was studying art in Chicago a couple years ago and we can take a quick look at that.  It is an abstract piece of art.  I just wanted to talk a little about art and why art is important in everyone’s life and why it is important to appreciate art and respect art and the different forms art takes in someones life…

So, Art is important because it touches everyones life it is a mark of civilization it is a mark of who we are.  We see great monuments and buildings throughout time and that is important ya know.  Art, art really is a part of who we are and having an appreciation for art is a mark of civilization.  We have these great monuments.  Every great city has it’s monuments.  And there is ya know a lot of great cities.  There is Chicago, There is New York, There is L.A.  There is a lot of smaller towns too.  On the coast.  There is Seattle; Portland; Portland, Maine; Portland, OR.  Ya know, even the smaller towns they have there own sets and set of artists.  Um, so it is important to remember that.  There is art throughout the world, ya know.  You see great museums and great pieces of architecture, and great monuments.  It is the little things too.  Ya know, it is the design of your clothing, your car, or ya know something that is important to you. And that is really important. 

Ya know, it is important to respect art and artists.  And I really love the art community. The art community is something that is that just is important because that community that community really supports.  Ya know, they really support one another. And it is important to recognize that as well.

It has been like a short little talk about art.  Thanks for joining me.  Hope to see more of you.