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Title:  Honeybee on White Flower

Photography by Omar Shamsi

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‘Dudleya at Night’
This photograph was taken by myself one night of a cultivated succulent plant in San Jose, California, USA.  These plants are being cultivated and propagated in order to enjoy, preserve, and protect these rare coastal plants.

‘Manicured Palm Trees’
This is a photograph of the night scene in San Jose, CA at a place called Santana Row near the intersection of Winchester and Stevens Creek Boulevard.  Bands of colored lights shines through the shot.

‘Desert View’
This is a photograph of a desert landscape in the west.  A ray of sunshine shines down from the sky in this photo.

This is a Burger.  Served in a restaurant.

‘Aloe Arborescens in Coastal Garden’
This is a garden of flowering Aloe Arborescens and other succulents on the Pacific Coastline in San Francisco, California, USA.

‘Thorny Cactus in Urban Planting’
This is a photograph of an interesting shaped cactus with a square profile.  This photograph was taken in Oakland, California, USA.

‘Amanita Muscaria’
This is a photograph of a fungus.  This photograph was taken in Santa Cruz, California, USA at the Santa Cruz Fungus Fair.


‘Red Aeonium Flower Spike’
This photograph was taken in San Jose, California, USA

Prints for sale:

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Photography by Omar Shamsi

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