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October 24, 2021

Alisha Forrester Scott of the Pollinator Support Movement brings BEES

October 24, 2021

Fact vs. fake – why don’t we trust science any more?
DW Documentary
DW is a German Broadcast Service

October 8, 2021

Facts: The Bluegill

October 4, 2021

Derpy Derp Derps Derp

Derpy woke up from a long nap. Not knowing the day or time it rose and placed its feet on the floor. Sitting up from the comfortable air mattress on the floor. The hamper had some clothes strewn across and there were books on the shelf built into the wall. There was a blanket with eagles on it pinned over the window. Derpy Derp got up to wash and get ready for the day. There was some cold tea on the stove from the night before. Dandelion root or Burdock root, Ginseng Root, and Nettle Root. The tea was transparent slightly tinted and a calming morning tonic.

Derpy thought of its day and what to do. Thinking of getting schwiggity with other howry derps. There ibbity and boppities. Derpy was instamiming in its head about ibbities and boppaty. Derpy instamimed ‘enough about ibbity and boppity must instamime about emthing else.’

Derpy walked to the store. On it’s way it looked at the sidewalk, the sky, the plants, the trees, a cat, a dog, some fishes, some turtles, and a few different types of birds. There was a hooter bird Derpy thinks he saw one but it might have been tree bark mistakend for a hooter bird. Hooter birds were seen flying around at night and not in the day. Some types of hooter birds are big and some are found in barns and outbuildings. Hooter birds are kinda scary because they eat mice and rats. Enough on hooter birds except to say hooter birds are smartem where Derpy is not. But Derpy is special and important too. At least Derpy think so.

So Derpy look at store. It say Liquor Store. Derpy look at door. Derpy look though door at what inside store. Derpy look at signs on windows. Picturns of bottles with Deerpy derps with nice ibbity and big boppity. Derpy decide to not go in store. Derpy turn away and walk in other direction. Derpy think that maybe nothing good in store and Derpy want be good. Derpy afraid of lickhair. Lickhair is dango-russ. Dango-russ means it can kill you, someone else, or maybe cause you lose hand eye ear fooot leg or arm or all. Dango-russ is for professionals. Stay away and keep away from Dango-russ. This is what the label say DANGER.
Or DANGEROUS or sometime Dango-russ says HAZARD or HAZARDOUS. This important to know. Also colors is Red on White Background or Black on Orange background or Black on Yellow Background even sometimes on Red Background. But it is usually easy to see like sometimes white on red background. You get Idea. Sometimes sign is also just black on white.

Lickhair store is just that. It is for scratchy addiction itchies. Addiction bad. Lickhair store have Liquor, Beer, Sugar, Process Food, Gambling Tickets, and Tobacco. Alcohol and Tobacco and too much Process Food cause cancer. Gambling causes no money, depression, and lonely and unfair tax on poor as Grandpappies kina people say.

So Derpy no go into Store. Derpy Turn Aroun and go back to home. On way derpy see pizza store from outside, and snack store from outside, and indian restaurant from outside, and tiny food grocery from outside. Derpy pass by and go back towards home.

Story from 2019

Original charachter from 2009

Story and charachter by Omar Shamsi

October 3, 2021

Coast Guard,
Widlife Rescue Respond To California Oil Spill Off Coast of Newport Beach

October 1, 2021

Farm to Table: The impact of COVID-19 on SC farmers

October 1, 2021

How Corporations Are Ruining Your Health (Food Industry Documentary) | Real Stories