My name in Arabic

I have an Arabic name.
My name written in Arabic is.

عمر الشامسي

Translated into English my name is Omar Shamsi.

Some interesting links.

What the prefix of ‘Al‘ means and how it is grammatically used.


This wiki page may need updating to include me and my family.

There is also a notable Quranic passage of the same name.

A paternal precedent ancestor of mine.

A maternal precedent ancestor of mine.

Possible ancestral precedents.



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Yeah, I write a lot of the stuff and make notes here, but still thought I should have a disclaimer.  Also let me know if you find errors on the site.  Even spelling errors as they should be fixed.


TuPac on Education


2Pac had a better view of education in his youth than the educational system we have at the moment.  Talked a bit about education yesterday.  If you could change the educational system in its totality what would you do?

Wake up it is the first of the month.

June 1, 2015 <- This is today's date. When it comes to the first of the month it makes me think of lines at the post office, cashing checks, depositing checks, figuring out who owes what, moving in, moving out, settling debts, paying bills, and planning for the future. At least January 1 is a holiday. So the first of the month gives you at least a 1 in 12 chance of having a holiday. Well that is only if you live in the western world and or celebrate new years. I guess the calendar is a social construct and if you were purely looking at time days of a week wouldn't matter. But again i digress. Well, it is the first. Do what you will with it. If you remember the Bone Thugs N Harmony song... First of tha month.

Time to think about what we do with our time.

Time to think about how we spend our time. What can we change? What will you change? Will you change what you do based on what you see here? This is a video worth watching once. It will give you perspective on how you spend your time. It may change the way you spend your life. Not a stretch to say it is a life changing video.

Watch this video.

via youtube.

My favorite part was the ending, “What if you just had one more day? What are you going to do today?

Biological Computing

Slimy computers? Snot based microprocessor? How will it all work? Is there something in biological computing that will revolutionize the world? Will it revolutionize the world in the same way as the transistor? Is there a biological transistor that will change the world? There is something that is now very familiar with our silicon transistor. One day will we have some machine Spin out DNA on demand, insert it into an egg, and hatch custom lifeforms necessary to do all of our work? Who knows. This is a nascent field and much still is out there to be discovered. Applications need to be identified and executed. Innovation and creativity will undoubtedly be the key parts of this field for many years.